About Us

Cool Pioneer Mission

We will always remain client focused through a self-motivated desire for professionalism and realization that “good” customer service is not good enough. Honesty and integrity are uncompromising, as is our commitment to the constant improvement of our services for the best interests of our clients.

To deliver the most professional heat and water proofing service available by way of an unmatched client experience, resulting in the highest levels of respect from our community and a rewarding environment for our employees to succeed.

The Highest Quality Neno Tech Products in the Industry

We do not attempt to cut cost or cut corners by selling our customers inferior products. All of the materials we use to complete Neno Tech installations are top-of-the-line products that have been chosen for their high quality.

Roof Heat Proofing

Light reflector imported formula is a heat proof & water proof and non flammable component exceptionally suitable for the purpose of heat proofing. Simply put a cool roof is a light colored commercial roofing system that reflects the sun heat & damaging rays and readily emits any absorbed solar heat cool roof commercial roofing system save money and last longer with lower maintenance cost and improve air quality.

Roof Waterproofing

Water Proofing system is one of the highest quality of water proofing system available. It is recognized by Neno Tech mutual as a class of water proofing system. Water Proofing is designed for all type of masonry surfaces such as foundation walls, concrete panels, exterior walls, basement & retaining walls and tanks. This chemical mixed with water and opc and fully reinforced with water proofing fabric, its forms a hard wearing flexible compound.